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Teen Driver GPS Tracking

Federal statistics showed that the number one killer of teenagers was vehicle accidents. Teenage drivers are less experienced on the road, drive while distracted and are less aware of what to do in case of a break down. Find out how you can be aware of what your teenage driver is doing.


Elder Driver GPS Tracking

Have an elder parent who won’t give up their freedom to drive? Then provide them security with the Plug-N-TrackTM. Plug-N-TrackTM keeps track in real time, so if the driver gets in an accident or has car trouble you can pinpoint where they are and get them the help they need.


Fleet Driver GPS Tracking

Maximize the efficiency of your current fleet in today’s economy and rising fuel costs. The company car is an extension of your image and you should know if it’s being operated recklessly, driven by an unauthorized user, or where it might have broken down. Find out how you can take control.