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Auto Theft Prevention

Auto theft is rarely top of mind for most people until it happens or unless it has happened in the past. Across the nation auto theft remains in the top 5 most commonly committed crimes. There are many things we can do to prevent this from happening and hopefully if we follow these steps we can reduce auto theft in 2010.

1. Lock your car door. It seems simple, yet many auto thefts occur when a car has been left unlocked. Making the job more difficult for the thief is sometimes all that is needed as a deterrent.

2. Don’t leave valuables in a visible area. Keep in mind that what you think isn’t valuable may be valuable to someone else. If you don’t encourage them to break into your car then you are better off. This includes concealing expensive stereo equipment and other high tech items when possible.

3. Installing a faux alarm. If an auto thief thinks you have an alarm they are less likely to go forward for fear that they may draw attention to themselves. This can be an inexpensive purchase and you can avoid all the middle of the night car alarm mishaps and the unhappy neighbors that accompany that.

4. Install an actual alarm. People who are committing a crime do not want to draw attention to themselves which is why car alarms work.

5. If you can’t prevent it, track it down. Adding a GPS tracking unit to your vehicle allows you and the proper authorities to locate your vehicle quickly and increase chances of recovery without damage. Also, come insurance companies are now offering discounts for having this security measure. Contact your local auto insurance company to find out if they provide this reduction.

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