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“How’s my driving” Bumper Stickers verses GPS OBDII Tracking

I’ve had a few potential clients ask me, isn’t it cheaper just to place a bumper sticker on the family car that says this is a student driver and to report “how is my driving” by calling a toll free number.

Now this may seem like a straightforward argument between ‘passive’ and ‘active’ tracking technologies but I can’t shake off the thought a parent would pass off their responsibility for monitoring their child on to complete strangers.

Then there is the scarlet letter factor of telling the world there is a minor driving the vehicle. Please, not in today’s world with so many unstable and unpredictable people among us.

Even if it’s not financially feasible for a family to consider a real-time, active tracking solution, don’t place any identification labels on the vehicle. A real-time, active tracking service is a secure web site that prohibits unauthorized individuals from following your family.

Don’t leave it up to strangers when it comes to your child’s driving, there are services that provide parents with tools when it comes to monitoring your child’s driving habits.

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