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There is no one solution

We spend a good part of our time browsing the web, reading articles and twitting our thoughts about GPRS & GSP tracking as it pertains to teen driving behaviors.   So there are a few occasions where we stop what we are doing and reflex on what we find.  In this Blog, it’s about a story I read in the Back Page section of the Parade Magazine found in the local Sunday newspaper.


The story is titled “The Scariest Milestone”, which is written by a popular author named Harlan Coben.  The story is about his personal experience with his teenage driver.  His ability to put the white-knuckle experiences into humors imagery is great but his conclusion has a strong message.


“Like it or not, children learn by watching their parents.” 


When it comes to making our young drivers safe and better drivers, there is no one educational class or technology device that can guarantee their safety; its experience behind the wheel.  Yes, a GPS tracking solution is a great tool for monitoring their achievements when you are not in the car with them but remember; when you are driving, they are watching you.

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