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Is plugging it in safe?

One of the most common questions we get asked is “plugging in the Plug-N-Track™ into my ODBII connector going to damage my vehicle?” which we confidently reply “No”.

The OBD2 is a type of CAN (Car Area Network) that allows all the different electronics and on-board computers in the vehicle to pass information to each other. A CAN is similar to a home/office LAN (Local Area Network) that allows all the local desktops, printers and servers to communicate together.

Even though the Plug-N-Track™ meets the federal OBD2 standards, the Plug-N-Track™ only listens to the data traffic on the CAN, it doesn’t have the ability to send any queries or instructions to the vehicle. Also, the Plug-N-Track™ cannot be commanded via the cellular network to send any queries or instructions.

Therefore, the Plug-N-Track™ is safe to plug into your ODBII connector and also requires very little current to operate so not to cause the vehicle battery to drain.

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