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GTU 10 – It’s cool but understand the differences

I see at this year’s 2011 Consumer Electronic Show (CES) in Las Vegas, Garmin unveiled a new product called the GTU 10. This is “a GPS locator that combines a web-based tracking service with GPS technology so you can keep watch on children, pets and property”. Garmin states that a user can user their smart phone or computer to track live the small device that is about 3” inches tall and weights 1.7oz ounces.

What an attractive price for what it does. But what do you get?

If you need to know where the GTU 10 is located at anytime 24/7 with one click, perfect*. They even have a phone app called the Garmin Tracker™ that allows you to see your location in relationship to your GTU’s location.

* As long as the batteries are charged. Possible the biggest draw back is the constant recharging of its batteries. For me, I have enough trouble trying to remember to charge my cell phone, MP3 player, iPad, laptop, etc… Plus, Garmin offers a feature that allows you to route to the GTU 10 but you need to purchase more of their products, the Garmin nüLink!™.

There are few features to be aware of when comparing applications: update rate and history. If you need a service that is not just knowing their current location when you poll (one click) but allows you to go back in time and review the route of an individual because you were made aware of a possible issue. Then you want a service that can provide minute updating and access for several months, not just the last 10 updates or one weeks worth of data.

Interested in tracking a car or monitor a driver’s driving habits. Then compare applications that provide a GPS device that connects directly to a vehicle’s own battery; no need to charge batteries. These services also provide time, location, speed and heading but also can provided alerts based on speeding, excessive acceleration, aggressive braking and racing the engine.

Now, if you need to track a person then compare the applications offered directly by the wireless providers themselves. These services do not require additional GPS hardware other then your existing smarter type phones and they allow you to see all your families phone’s location in a single app. They do require a recurring service from the wireless provider.

And what is with tracking pet? I wonder what the actual percentage of the U.S. population that really needs to track their pet in real-time. Why not just build a better fence.

Now there is one feature that I was not able to determine about with the GTU 10. Does the GTU 10 allow a user to manage multiple GPS devices per account or this 1 user to 1 GTU device application?

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