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Tracking with no fees or contracts

There are two types of location tracking: Passive and Active. Passive Tracking is logging basic AVL (“Automatic Vehicle Location”) information such as time, location (Latitude/Longitude), altitude, speed and direction. Active Tracking is reporting real-time AVL information.

Passive Tracking is a good candidate when it comes to not having a monthly recurring service fees, activation fees or signing annual contracts. Passive Tracking is about history. The passive GPS tracking device is retrieved and its log file is uploaded in to a computer either by serial port, USB or using a short-range unlicensed wireless link.

Active Tracking requires a long-range wireless link that allows the AVL information to be transmitted back to a computer in real-time. Typically, this requires signing up for a wireless service for a recurring monthly service fee. The trade off of not having to pay a fee or enter into a service agreement requires the user to purchase and operate their own “private” data network. The initial cost is much higher but there after, it’s just the cost of maintaining the wireless system, which is common to businesses such as police, unity companies and school districts.

Both Passive and Active Tracking allows a user to browse through a vehicle’s history and see the route on a digital or photo street maps but Active Tracking provides the addition of knowing where your vehicle is now! With real-time AVL information, a user can also be alerted immediately of vehicle input conditions and driver driving behavior.

So when searching for a location tracking systems that require no fees, consider the fact of knowing a vehicle’s location, conditions and behavior now and not weeks later are worth the benefits to paying a recurring monthly service. And, not all location tracking service require activation fees and long-term service agreements.

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