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Plug-N-Track™ verses Progressive Snapshot℠

The first and foremost difference between the Plug-N-Track™ and Progressive’s Snapshot℠ is that the Snapshot℠ device is not sold as a real-time vehicle tracking system like the Plug-N-Track™. Since the Snapshot℠ does not contain a GPS receiver, it cannot report† a vehicle location based on GPS coordinates. The data collected by a Snapshot℠ device is information that it obtained through a vehicle’s On-Board Diagnostics Port (“OBDII”).

The Plug-N-Track™ also collects the same driver behavior information from the OBDII such as speed, acceleration and braking while recording the time of day. But adds the additional AVL (Automatic Vehicle Location) data such as GPS coordinates, how often, how far, where you drive and when a vehicle has entered/exited predefined locations. Also the Plug-N-Track™ reports the odometer reading so it can provide ‘oil change’ reminders and fuel consumption.

With the Plug-N-Track™ system, you own the cellular/GPS tracking device while monitoring the location and how safely your own drivers’ driving behavior privately and discreetly. There is no third-party business analyzing your family’s personal driving habits and location.

The Snapshot℠ program allows you to dynamically change your car insurance rate based on how you drive but most insurers offer some type of discounts for vehicles with added safety. If your vehicle has air bags, automatic seatbelts, anti-lock brakes or other security devices then you probably qualify.

In conclusion, the Plug-N-Track™ system allows you to be in control your own data and monitor the location of the driver while possible still getting a discounted rate‡ through other insurance companies.

† Cellular providers can provide location on cellular devices with multilateration (directional finding) technology, which is determining a location by triangulating a cellular device transmitting signals to multiple cell sites.
‡ Ask your agent about discounts when using a safety or anti-theft device. To learn more about auto-insurance discount tips, please visit the National Association of Insurance Commissioners website at

Snapshot is a Service Mark of Progressive Casualty Insurance Company. Plug-N-Track is a Trade Mark of Gateway Communications, Inc. of Arizona.

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