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Vehicle vs cell phone tracking

I work with both vehicle GPS devices and cell phone GPS APPs and I have found each method to be a useful tool for knowing where something is in real-time. But, since each method provides different added ‘features’, you need to know what it is you are trying to achieve when deciding which method is the best tool for you.

Both methods provide the same ‘basic’ AVL (Automatic Vehicle Location) and LBS (Location-Based Service) information such as date/time, coordinates (Latitude, Longitude, and Altitude), bearing and velocity. This basic information tells someone where they are on the earth, what direction they are headed and at what speed. Now, the added features provide information that is collected, sensored and processed from the basic information or external sensors.

Anther basic feature that both methods can provide is Geofence, where an imaginary graphical boundary in circles a street location such as home, school, work or friends. Geofence also provides alerts to inform someone that a GPS device has entered/exited a boundary during a time range.

What added features can you receive from a vehicle tracking device:

– Is the engine ‘on’ or ‘off’. This helps identify when a driver is leaving a location or has arrived to a location without having to setup multiple GeoFences.
– Inputs/Outputs sensoring. This helps identify or control external items such as caution flashing lights, seat belts, PTOs, engine hours and generators where remote control allows for disabling of the engine starter or fuel bump.
– Acceleration/Deceleration sensoring. This helps identify when there is excessive speeding or aggressive breaking to the vehicle.
– Revving of the engine. This helps identify possible racing of the engine in association with the IGN state.

What added features can you receive from a cell phone tracking APP:

– Portable tracking. This helps identify the location of a person walking, in a building or riding in another vehicle. But can be lost, stolen, forgotten to be charged or simple loaned to another person.
– Privacy. The person has the ability to enable/disable when they want to be tracked.
– No upfront cost. By law, all cell phones must contain a GPS for 911 calls and therefore, there is no additional cost to upload and install a GPS tracking APP. And if a data plan already exists, then the data traffic generated by the location updates is applied to the existing data rate.

So if you are more concerned about the safety and the behavior of a love one driving a vehicle then a vehicle tracking device is the best tool.